RoboNano - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNano - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNano - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNano - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNano - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNano - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNano - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNano - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNano - Milagrow Humantech


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RoboNano has been made to reflect all of your smart home requirements and is equipped with Amazon Alexa enabling a voice interaction system. RoboNano has very high-quality speakers with voice localisation technology to ensure that RoboNano is always facing towards you when you are interacting with it.

Now that RoboNano is integrated with Amazon Alexa, you can give RoboNano the same commands as you would give Alexa. You can ask RoboNano to turn on the television, find out the latest weather, or even set reminders throughout the day. RoboNano can also play your favourite music, order a taxi and so much more. You can even make hands free video calls to your friends.

Standing at 2.7 feet tall, RoboNano is integrated with about 50 sensors to recognize voices, avoid objects in its way and know when someone enters the room. In addition, RoboNano is also equipped with sophisticated features for the home, as follows:
Voice Assistance: Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service enables RoboNano to track fitness stats, request a car, order pizza, control the TV and play music from today’s top streaming providers.
Smart Home Control: Pairing with smart home devices from the world’s most prominent connected home brands, RoboNano allows families to control home appliances, thermostats and lights.
Remote Surveillance: QIHAN’s mobile Q-Link App enables families to control RoboNano and live-stream video from anywhere in the world. When the family is away, RoboNano will monitor the house through object detection sensors and sound an alarm if an intruder is discovered.


Linux Based-HT Cloud Enabled
Semantic Comprehension-HT Yes
Face Detection and Recognition-HT Yes
Sound Recognition-HT Yes
Auto Recharge-HT Yes
Obstacle Avoidance-HT Yes
Perception, Recognition and Interaction
Voice interaction-HT Yes
Touch interaction-HT Yes
Facial recognition-HT Yes
3D Imaging-HT Yes
Voice recognition-HT Yes
Auto self-charging-HT Yes
Temperature Perception-HT Yes
Geomagnetic compass-HT Yes
Home service-HT Home appliance management
USB interface-HT Yes
Product Dimension
HT Length-HT 849 mm
HT Width-HT 421 mm
HT Depth 396 mm
HT Weight-HT 19 Kg
Battery & Power Specifications
Battery Standby Time-HT Over 10 hours.
Battery Charging Time-HT 4 Hours
Sensor Head-HT Mic x 7, RGB Camera x 2, 3D sensor x 1, Touch sensor x 7;
Sensor Body-HT Gyroscope sensor x 1, Human body induction sensor x 2, IR evading obstacle sensor x 1,IR message receiving sensor x 6, Touch sensor x 4, electronic compass sensor x 1
Sensor Hand-HT IR evading obstacle sensor x 4, Touch sensor x 2
Sensor Leg-HT IR evading obstacle sensor x 10, Omni Wheel x 3
Sensor Mic-HT 7
RGB Camera Sensor-HT 2
3D Sensor-HT 1
Touch Sensor-HT 13
Gyroscope Navigation Sensor-HT 1
Humanbody Induction Sensor-HT 2
IR Evading Obstacle Sensor-HT 1
IR message receiving sensor-HT 6
Electronic compass sensor-HT 1
Fall Sensor-HT 1
Omni Wheel-HT 3
Movement and Degree of Freedom
Moving Speed-HT 0.8m/s max
Head Movement-HT 180 degree at horizontal direction, 37 degree at vertical direction;
Head Degree of Freedom-HT 2
Hand Movement-HT 270 degree swing back and forth;
Hand Degree of Freedom-HT 1 Left and 1 Right
Leg Movement-HT Free angle.
Leg Degree of Freedom-HT 3
Connectivity and Cloud
WIFI network-HT IEEE 802.11 abgn(2.4GHz5GHz)
Wireless network-HT ZigBee
Real Time-HT Yes
Platform-HT Open API platform, ROS1.1
Application Market Place -HT Yes
Storage-HT Yes. No Manual Back Up necessary
User Management-HT Yes
Communication Support-HT Yes
Remote Hardware Control-HT Yes
Recommended Bandwidth-HT 16 Mbps
Video Calling-HT Yes
Auto Answer-HT Yes
Contact Management-HT Yes
Speakers-HT 2
Camera Specs-HT Top Camera 3D, Mid Camera 8.0MP HD camera;
Viewing Angle-HT 1.0MP HD color camera with 140 degree;
Surface Angle-HT Aspheric surface angle.
HT Size 10.1 Inch
HT Resolution 1080P HD
HT Touch Capacitance 10-point touch display.
Laser-HT 1920*720 P
HD -HT Wide gamut output: 60Hz;
aspect-ratio-HT 16:9
Volume-HT 80 W PMPO
Voice control-HT Yes
360 degree sound localization-HT Yes
Microphones-HT 4
Tweeter, 1 x woofer.-HT 2
Woofer.-HT 1
Atmosphere lamp
Colors-HT 250 kinds customized colors;
Atmosphere lamp Ears-HT 2 cycles for ears
Atmosphere lamp Hands-HT 2 pcs for hands
Atmosphere lamp Chasis-HT 1 cycle for chassis.
Industry Applications
Educational Application-HT Yes
Hospitality Application-HT Yes
Healthcare Application-HT Yes
Retail Application-HT Yes
Security Application-HT Yes
Charging Base-HT 1

In the Box:

  • Main Unit
  • Charging pile (contains adaptor)
  • User Manual



  • Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please call or write to us in case you would like to be doubly sure. For material that is not as per specifications, a full refund is possible within 3 days of delivery or free replacement is available within 30 days of purchase.

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