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    iMap Venii Max

    iMap Venii Max

    (8 ratings)

    Rs 119,990.00

    Fully Independent Self Navigating and Self Cleaning Robot, Lidar & SLAM with RT2R Tech, Pressure Mopping to Clean Stubborn Dirt & Stains, Creates & Remembers Maps of upto 3 Floors, Retractable Side Brush for Corners & Difficult Areas, World's Largest Dual Water Tank, Smart Laser Navigation, Scans 6*360 Degree/Sec 2160 Time/Sec, NIDEC... Learn More

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    iMap 10.0

    iMap 10.0

    (10 ratings)

    Rs 89,990.00

    Fully Independent Self Navigating Robot with Electronic Water Tank, Comes with RT2R Technology, IoT & Alexa Enabled, Smart Laser Navigation, Scans 6*360 Degree/Sec 2160 Time/Sec, Cleans Double the Area in Same Time, Displays Cleaned & Left-Out Area, Resumes Cleaning Left-Out Areas After Recharging, NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 2700Pa Suction... Learn More

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    Warriorbot  Kit

    Warriorbot Kit

    (0 ratings)

    Rs 44,990.00

    WarriorBot is an intelligent battle robot with leveled building and programming learning system, providing users with an in-depth understanding of science, math, physics, programming, and more through captivating game play modes and intelligent features.Learn More

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    (9 ratings)

    Rs 19,990.00

    India's Thinnest Vacuum Cleaning Robot, Comes with Gyro Mapping technology, Builds Map in real time based on Gyro Mapping, Wet Mopping without Watertank, Alexa Voice Enabled, NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 1500PaSuction Power, 3 cleaning modes, 650ml large Dustbin, Pet Hair Cleaning, Robotic Obstacle & Fall Sensors, Robotic Self Charging Learn More

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    Watertank iMap 9.0
  6. New
    Docking iMap 9.0
  7. New
    Dustbin iMap 9.0
  8. New
    Charger iMap 9.0
  9. New
    HEPA iMap 9.0
  10. New
    iMap 9.0 Mop
  11. New
    iMap 9.0 Side Brush
  12. New
    Primary Filter iMap 9.0
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    Watertank iMap 10
  14. New
    Docking Venii Max
  15. New
    Docking iMap 10.0
  16. New
    Dustbin iMap 10
  17. New
    Charger iMap 10
  18. New
    Main Brush Venii Max
  19. New
    HEPA Venii Max
  20. New
    HEPA iMap 10
  21. New
    iMap 10 Side Brush
  22. New
    Venii Max Side Brush
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    Milagrow Picture Frame MGL012 Test

    Milagrow Picture Frame MGL012 Test

    (0 ratings)

    Rs 1.00

    14-56'' LCD Ceiling Mount Holds upto 50Kgs Height adjustment: Choice of 3 height positions for enhanced viewing Left and right adjustment: Easy screen positioning during installation for enhanced viewing quality Maximum Thickness 75mm Colors: Black Material: Metal, Aluminum Extrusion and Wire Fall and Theft proof Lifetime Warranty VESA... Learn More

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