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Kalpesh S

Awesome Mapping

Best product in the market. Amazing performance with navigation camera, Love the technology. Easy set up. It is better than what I expected. it works very silently and covers all area properly. Thank you Milagrow.

    Jose J

    Love it. Every woman needs one!

    I bought this robot as a gift for my mother. She loves all the functionality and she says the cleaning power is amazing & good battery life. I am planning on buying one for my home as well. I would recommend this product highly!

      Sha T

      Five stars

      At first I would've given it 5 stars. It worked perfectly fine for 3 months. This is my first cleaning robot, I love it! I read a lot of online reviews before I made this purchase. I am loving my first robotic vacuum cleaner. It has made my life much easier. Cleans well, as expected. With the App, you can see the robot map out your floor plan and the robot then maps where it went and where it still has to clean. You can schedule the robot according to your convenience and it does the job automatically and returns to its charging point by itself.

        Vadivel R

        Love our new robot! Make life easier

        Took a demo at my home, really liked the product, Very useful machine for cleaning & mopping the floor. This machine is very useful for the persons having very hectic lifestyle and having no time for maintaining their home clean. Its medium sized machine suitable for home and offices. Its latest features like App based handling, Live Mapping, Smart laser navigation & Cleans double the area in same time. My family really enjoying that & Surprised how it collects dirt. Thanks to Milagrow for the wonderful guidance about product. The customer care is very helpful.

          Suchitra P

          Amazing Live mapping robot. must have in every home

          Team Milagrow you have done a superb job. This is the best cleaning machine in my whole life. It cleans the floor very quickly and removing all the dust particles from nook & corner of the house. Our house is now looking very clean and pretty. We are very much happy and thanks for giving a nice robot. It's is quite easy to clean the robot with minimum maintenance. Performance is very satisfactory. You delivered as you promised. Keep up the good work.