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Jesus C

Best vacuum cleaner for daily use

After a week of use, the floors look like new, it cleans the floor better than the best maid you ever had. The cleaning is good, Corners are clean, places under furniture are cleaned. The home demo was also quiet helpful and showed the features of the robot and regular maintenance. Very happy with Milagrow Team after sales service.

    Madhavi M

    Good product & excellent service

    After comparing many products we decided to buy Milagrow Spaze premium. I am using now one month and only what I can say it is really good and amazing cleaning robot. It can work continuously for up-to 2 hours and then it will go back on its own docking station. Our house is now looking very clean and pretty. We are very much happy and thanks for giving a nice robot. the service team, especially Sunil who is always responding quickly to any question.

      Zahl T

      Make life easier

      I purchased Milagrow spaze robotic vacuum cleaner before one month. It is an intelligent machine. It helps to clean all places where we don't clean very regularly ( under sofas, bed) is attended by this robot much frequently.
      Features :
      - It is small and light and can get under some furniture
      - It does a pretty good job of cleaning, quiet, with decent suction
      - easy to clean
      - can navigate most toys of a kid's play room
      - cleans really well even on carpets
      - makes life easier

        Mihir P

        It cleans my house wonderfully

        I have been researching various models of Robotic Vacuums for several months. I recently purchased Milagrow Spaze premium after a home demo and its performance is amazing.
        What I like:
        -Easy to use.
        -Easy to follow instructions.
        -Noise level is ok.
        -Automatic scheduling.
        -Auto charging.
        -No need too much Electricity And water, it saves everything, time, water, electricity and money.
        Overall, I really like this! It does a great job cleaning up the dog hair and other things that get on my floor and saves me a lot of time.

          Satyajit C

          Love our new robot! Easy to setup

          We have been using it for the past few days. It does dry and wet mopping well. I love vacuuming this way. It goes and cleans all around the floor and even the inaccessible areas like the area underneath the furniture. I think it is real value for money and a great product to reduce your household workload.