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resins101 r

Relief from back pain

This is a great massager. after using it for a month, now i don't have any back pain.

    rudra.atanu81 r

    A Great Product

    At first I thought it was a toy but my wife said that she wanted to use it. I am glad that we did not return it. After about 2 months of usage the problem of her lower back is completely gone. The wheeme from Milagrow accomplished what no masseur or physiotherapist could do for my wife.


      Amazing Back Massage

      I never imagined that a Robot could be invented to massage a body and remove back pain. I was very tentative when I bought it. I thought that if it does not suit me, I will return it. Now after almost 3 months of regular usage, my lower back pain is gone. This Milagrow robot moves on my back noiselessly. Caresses and massages in various modes. Improves my nerve sensations, I feel as if more blood rushes into my body where the robot improves. My muscles relax and I feel rejuvenated. It requires no oil and no hard handling from a masseur. Thank you Milagrow..

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      KG N

      Good Product

      I bought the wheeme after using the RoboCop of Milagrow. I am very satisfied. The product has benefitted me in my lower backache after a regular use of over one month. Its a very good product with no risk of any damage to the back muscles or bones.

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