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anoop p

Wonderful Machine

An awesome product...! So helpful in keeping my home neat and tidy..! Floor cleaning was really a tiresome job but now this wonderful machine made it cool...!
The sales support was also efficient to make it reach my home fast..!

    ar.mdj.ig19.6.7. a

    Works with Alexa and Voice Commands!

    This was the first robot I ever purchased. I have a small home with three rooms that the robot goes it. It's a great cleaner on my hardwood floors and even a very shaggy area rug. It's amazing how much this vacuum picks up. I run this several times a week and keep the house free of dog hair, dust and other light debris. This robot has definitely made life easier when it comes to keeping the house clean. I also love that we can schedule when it cleans. We can control this product with voice through select amazon Alexa devices. Simply ask Alexa or the Google Assistant to start, stop, or dock your robot.

    - WIFI. Can operated with my Alexa and Phone
    - Can operate it Remotely
    - Can do clean multiple rooms and automatically returning back to docking station
    - Cleans very well

      Artign80 A

      Great little helper

      Great little helper. Easy to connect to Wi-Fi after I downloaded the app for my phone. Also works great with Alexa. I have 2 dogs and a kid. This means that atleast one of my days off every week is devoted to cleaning. I can't keep up sweeping every single day. Scheduled it to clean every week day and it is amazing how well it does it. Now my floors look amazing. My kid love to watch it go to work and I look forward to seeing how much it picked up. You can set days and times we want the sweeper to clean.

        Senthil K

        Really like it, it picks up lots of dirt

        Absolutely the best investment I have ever made for my home!! We love our AguaBot Spaze Home Safety! This robovac reduces my weekly cleaning tasks by over an hour plus gets the areas I rarely clean, such as under furniture and floors of closets. It runs around for about 2 hours on a mix of tile and short carpet and Picks up a lot of stuff. I really like that it returns to its base to charge automatically.

        Some best features I like about this robot:
        It has in-built home safety alarms (Temperature, humidity, LPG)
        It has google voice interactivity in english and hindi
        It comes Alexa voice ready


          romnsoroki.n r

          Great way to keep the floor clean daily!

          I just received my Aguabot home safety last week and I have already used it at least once daily. It has changed my whole house cleaning game. it is the best robot that I have come across. It is specially designed keeping in mind the needs and suitability of an Indian household- with its full wet mopping and dry vacuuming features. It has a world’s largest dustbin of 1 litre capacity. It can be scheduled to run at a time convenient to you, so even when you are out, the robot is doing its job of cleaning the house. The water tank is detachable so you can clean your carpets and floors accordingly. With our busy lives and household help being a huge hassle, this is a complete solution for all your cleaning needs. Thanks Milagrow I am very satisfied with my purchase.