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Iresh B

Awesome product by Milagrow

First of all thank you for the great deal and nice product Milagrow. At this price it is the best budget robotic vacuum cleaner in the market. I bought it just one week before and I must say that it's a life saver for us. Very good product for our Indian houses. Excellent customer support. Milagrow patiently answered all my questions and guided me through all what is needed to set this up.

    Anand Y

    Very happy with this purchase!

    This is one of the best gadget I have ever purchase. Value for money, it helps clean the marble , tile and wooden floors of my home so well. Has an effective suction, the mobile app is easy and functional and the product is well built and easy to clean. I think this is an amazing robotic vacuum cleaner and everyone should buy one for their homes and gift one for their loved ones. I am very satisfied with my purchase and the customer support of this company.