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Rajesh T

Good bye algae, Hello clean pool

I have used the pool robot for one entire season, so far so good. It has worked great and cleans really well. This pool cleaner saves us so much time. No more using two people to hook up a bulky manual sweeper. It is a game changer if you're a pool owner like me who hates cleaning the pool the old fashioned manual way.

    Shailendra V

    Best investment I have made in this pool

    This robot is a life saver. Cleans my pool so well it is amazing. I researched a lot before buying one of these. This product is everything I expected and more. Easy to use just drop it in the pool, plug it in and push a button. It goes all over, climbs walls, stairs, and goes along the entire water line. So far, i am in love with this robotic cleaner. Worth saving the time to spend with my kids instead of slaving over the manual way.

      Kalpana R

      Very impressed

      Bought this before last year swim season. Wanted to wait to review until used it for a season. I
      am extremely happy with Milagrow pool robot performance. It cleans pool floor-walls-stairs-coves, cleans upto 2100 sq ft in 2 hours, filters 18000 litres/hour. Just leave them inside the pool and the robots not only suck and scrub the floors of the pool but walls too. It does a great job of cleaning the pool and leaves the water sparkling clean. The filters are easy to remove and clean.