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vijay a

Awesome time saving pool robot

Have spent hours in the past cleaning my pool on a daily basis, now I just drop Robophelps in the pool and It did a fantastic job of picking up debris including hair from the bottom of our pool. Easy to assemble, easy to clean and easy to install. I'm happy with the purchase and i also purchased the caddy cart. Very satisfied with my purchase.

    Balasubramanian K

    Best investment so far!

    I have been using the Milagrow pool cleaner for about 5 years and this is our first automatic pool cleaner. I typically run once a week and it keeps our pool floor clean and picks up even small particles as well as larger ones like leaves.

      Maxim M

      Great pool cleaner

      I have bought a house with a large size swimming pool and we are completely new to pool maintenance. We called a pool company Milagrow to clean the pool. they gave me a demo, according my pool size they recommened Robophelps 40, Setup was super easy, just plug it in and let it do its thing. It was fascinating to watch it go around scrubbing-it even climbed the walls and went up the steps! It cleans the water line very well, gets all surfaces in the pool, and really has just impressed us. Thanks Milagrow