iMap 10

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iMap 10

Rs 33,990.00

Rs 59,990.00

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Fully Independent Self Navigating Robot with Electronic Water Tank, Comes with RT2R Technology, Stores 4 Maps, IoT & Alexa Enabled, Smart Laser Navigation, Scans 6*360 Degree/Sec 2160 Time/Sec, Cleans Double the Area in Same Time, Displays Cleaned & Left-Out Area, Resumes Cleaning Left-Out Areas After Recharging, NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 2700Pa Suction Power

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iMap 10
Rs 33,990.00

Robotic Software Generation
Software GenerationMilagrow iMap 10 RT2R
Mapping Technology
Air Purification & Healthcare Functions
Robotic 6th Sense
Cleaning Functions & Performance
Cleaning Algorithms & Modes
Cleaning Surfaces
AI, IOT & Wi-Fi Controls
Self Preservation & Diagnosis
Additional Specifications
DustBin & Water Tank
Docking Station Specifications
AC Adapter Specifications
Product Warranty


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  • Charging Dock
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack Installed
  • Water Tank
  • Charger
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Micro fiber mop
  • Side Brush - 1 Installed + 1 Extra
  • Rolling Brush Opening Tool
  • Filter Mesh - 1 Installed + 1 Extra
  • HEPA Filter 
  • Instruction Manual
  • Main Dustbin Installed
Kiran B

Really smart performance. Wonderful product

Impressed… Have been using 10.0 from past 2 weeks. A must have for pets with hair all over.

It exceeded my expectations, with intellegent laser mapping, enormous suction power with very less noise levels it just cleans like never before. I have been using robot vacuum since last 3 years as I have a hairy pet at home. This one is just awesome and it vacuums and mops the entire house with edges covered too. It cleans whole flat (2bhk) in about 30 minutes. The mapping is accurate and the mobile app is very easy to use. Never the less, purchase experience was made very comforting, thank you Shashank.

Would recommend irrespective of maids coming over at home or not.

    Avaneesh M

    Super Machine

    This is a great investment, Loving it

      Subha K

      Good suction and long battery life

      This is my best quarantine purchase yet. This lockdown, we got tired of mopping and ordered this milagrow robot. To test it, sucks up about 100% of all dirt on the floor. Mops decently enough for a clean home. Sweeps and Mops at the same time as well. You can map your home, set boundaries & sequence of cleaning and can monitor it remotely on the phone app as well as make suitable changes to the cleaning schedule.

        Nirmal H

        Excellent robot, great customer service

        The overall build quality and cleaning capabilities are great! We use it on a large floor size and it does great job. My initial impression of this device is very positive. It has added a lot of value by helping us automate the daily chore of house cleaning. Especially in COVID19 times, when maids are not coming over and you have to manage the cleaning. Technically it can replace the maid - in an Indian house and Indian conditions. It saves time & efforts.

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          iMap 10

          iMap 10

          Fully Independent Self Navigating Robot with Electronic Water Tank, Comes with RT2R Technology, Stores 4 Maps, IoT & Alexa Enabled, Smart Laser Navigation, Scans 6*360 Degree/Sec 2160 Time/Sec, Cleans Double the Area in Same Time, Displays Cleaned & Left-Out Area, Resumes Cleaning Left-Out Areas After Recharging, NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 2700Pa Suction Power

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          • Asked by S Mishra
            on 2020-08-06
            Do I have to fix the mop separately after removing the vacuum head or are both fixed on the machine at the same time? Basically does it need human intervention to change to mop mode after vaccum cleaning? Answer:
            For changing mode physical intervention is not required. You can do it remotely from your mobile, options are available. Mop has separate attachment you can remove or attach as per requirement.
          • Asked by a guest
            on 2020-08-09
            What is the difference between imap 9 and imap 10? Answer:
            iMap 10.0 has electronic water tank and a much powerful suction at 2700watts. It also has a powerful battery at 5200mAh. It lasts upto 6 hours on only mopping.
          • Asked by a guest
            on 2020-08-16
            Can it memorize multiple floors? Answer:
            Yes Sir. We will release the update next week.
          • Asked by a guest
            on 2020-08-23
            Does this robot need to be connected to a WIFI to function? Answer:
            Sir Robot does not need to be connected but if you want to see the map and control from your device then you need wi-fi
          • Asked by Ashutosh
            on 2020-09-01
            Will this robot train itself and remember the floor layout? How many floors can this robot store in memory? Answer:
            This one can remember upto 16 specific areas on the same floor and virtual blocks for a single floor.
          • Asked by Zareer Aga
            on 2020-09-20
            I have a 1 year old iMap 9 can I upgrade to IMAP10? Answer:
            Sure sir, we shall call you.
          • Asked by Nuli Swathi
            on 2020-09-25
            What are the google home commands ? Please mention them . Answer:
            It has basic commands currently. Rest of the commands are under development
          • Asked by a guest
            on 2020-10-15
            Does it have option where it can simultaneously do vaccum + mopping ? Answer:
            Yes it can do only mopping, mopping and vacuuming and only vacuuming
          • Asked by Gaurab
            on 2020-10-27
            Can it remove tea/coffee stain from floor while mopping? Can it pickup human hair while vacuum cleaning? Answer:
            For instant removal of stains use chemicals. For gradual removal use the robot in same area frequently. Yes it picks up hair.
          • Fully Independent Self Navigating Robot with Electronic Water Tank & 3 hour battery life
          • RT2R Technology - Real time terrain recognition technology with LDS Lidar & SLAM
          • 18 types of sensors which help in faster path planning and displaying cleaned and left out areas in real time, on the mobile. 
          • Octacore CPU helps with fleet management and team management and overall faster response time
          • Electronic Water Tank that has been modified to take Sodium Hypocholrite 1% solution to kill Covid19 spores on floor
          • Scans 6*360 degree/sec 2160 time/sec
          • Cleans Double the Area in Same Time
          • Triple air filter system with HEPA12 (Others F6 or less) & can remove 99.5% of PM upto 0.1 microns (Covid spores can be upto 0.16 microns) & 99.97% of PM upto 0.3 micron
          • NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 2700Pa Suction Power
          • 450ml dust box
          • Builds Realtime, High Precision Map on mobile device
          • Does Real Time Path Planning 
          • Displays Cleaned & Left Area, Comes back to Clean the Left out Areas, 
          • After cleaning one room the robot will go to another room, without assistance
          • Memory function makes sure that after battery depletion it recharges & resumes from the point it left cleaning with laser guidance, 
          • Intuitive mobile app. 
          • Milagrow 10.0 RT2R Software Generation
          • HEPA removes 99.97% of all particulate matter smaller than 0.3 micrometer
          • Comes with full self diagnosis and troubleshooting display function as it works, in real time
          • Robotic Stair and Fall Sensor
          • Robotic Obstacle and Optical Sensor
          • Robotic Self Diagnosis
          • Robotic Accelerometer Sensor
          • Robotic Gyro Sensor
          • Robotic Extra Dirt Sensor
          • Robotic Pre-Scheduled Cleaning
          • Robotic Self Charging
          • Robotic Water Tank for Wet Cleaning
          • Anti Slip Tyres
          • Doorsill crossing & Carpet Climbing Ability
          • Pet Hair Removal
          • Cleans All Floors and Tiles - Hard, Wood, Glass, Marble, Linoleum, Smooth & Slippery
          • Cleans Most Carpets - Flat, Short Hair, Deep Pile
          • Self Preservation & Self Diagnosis by recognizing most malfunctions and guiding the user to troubleshoot.
          • Warranty - 1 Year on Robot, 5 years on Suction Motor

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