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iMap 9.0 Wet & Dry

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India's Fastest Live Mapping & Self Navigating Floor Robot, Comes with RT2R Technology, Smart Laser Navigation, Scans 6*360 Degree/Sec 2160 Time/Sec, Cleans Double the Area in Same Time, Displays Cleaned & Left-Out Area, Resumes Cleaning Left-Out Areas After Recharging, NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 2200Pa Suction Power, Intelligent App Control, High Precision Map on Mobile Device.

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iMap 9.0 Wet & Dry
Rs 79,990.00
Robotic Software Generation
Software GenerationMilagrow 9.0 Software Generation
Mapping Technology
Air Purification & Healthcare Functions
Robotic 6th Sense
Cleaning Functions & Performance
Cleaning Algorithms & Modes
Cleaning Surfaces
AI, IOT & Wi-Fi Controls
Self Preservation & Diagnosis
Additional Specifications
DustBin & Water Tank
Docking Station Specifications
AC Adapter Specifications
Product Warranty


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  • Charging Dock
  • Charger
  • Micro fiber mop
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Water Tank
  • Side Brush 2 Installed + 2 Extra
  • Rolling Brush Opening Tool
  • Filter Mesh 1 Installed + 1 Extra
  • HEPA Filter1+1
  • Screw Drivers
  • Main Dustbin Installed
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack Installed
  • Instruction Manual
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1. Being an Electronic Engineer myself, I would like to indicate that this is one of the best designs of a Robotic Floor etc. Cleaner. After examining for over one month before purchase of the MILAGROW IMAP 9.0 Wet And Dry Cleaner, various Robots in the field of Floor Cleaning available on Amazon or on the web.
2. The software has a remarkable feature which prevents the machine from getting stuck up in against most objects except for pieces of string or wires hanging loose, which is absolutely acceptable.
3. It has the fantastic Automatic Mapping Of The Cleaning Area in the entire house comprising several rooms, is Initiated automatically from the time the robot is activated for its duties, from its Dock Station by pressing the Start Button or Auto Start with the application through a phone. This is because The robot Sets up its path covering the whole area available to it, excluding the obstructions like chairs, table legs, but ensures that no Area is Duplicated, wish shows an extraordinary use of software and hardware to comprise the robot. Any area earlier obstructed by chairs, tables, objects ; that may have been left out earlier either in the Auto Clean Mode or by selecting the Area through a Mobile Application; can be made good in a second attempt or while the cleaning is in progress, by shifting the chairs or other obstructions. In this way all uncovered area can be taken care of, but with the fantastic provision of that no area will be duplicated more or less. This not only conserves the battery power but also reduces the time of cleaning compared to other similar robots.
4. The Feature of Virtual Wall can be used to Avoid Dirty Areas to be tacked manually, like Kitchen And Bathrooms. It is also possible to clean the dirty areas repeatedly by selecting the Area Clean method repeatedly through the Mobile Application .
5. When Wet Mopping is used carpets or any area where Wet Cleaning is to be avoided, a Virtual Wall can be created at such locations on the map previously made which will be reflected in the mobile application.
6. The Robot is extremely intelligent in design, which also implies that they designer of the software has been even more skilful in accentuating the intelligence of the machine.
7. Economics of the 9.0 wet and dry cleaner: –
The warranty given for this machine is two years. Therefore the economics is being considered for a period of two years. Normally the cost of a maid servant who will do the mopping and cleaning only for the house will amount to approximately Rs. 2000. The cost per year will be 24,000 which extended for two years will be Rs. 48,000. A maid servant will only be available for specific hours and not round-the-clock for 365 days of the year. This aspect is very important particularly when young children nine the house or a person inviting guests for lunch or dinner when the floor might get dirty after the event. This mob cleaner can be used, immediately after the party to clean up the house. The convenience cost of this can easily be Rs. 22,000 , out of which 104 days part-time salary will amount to Rs. 8000 itself, while the cost of lost opportunities of cleaning due to unforeseen’s circumstances like the present covid 19, implement weather, sickness of the maid will further strengthen this figure. The total cost works out to be Rs. 70,000 which is almost the cost machine. Considering the fact that Milagrow also has a extended warranty, this economics will get further strengthened beyond two years, which will be more gain for the purchaser.

7) Being quite independent from Milagrow and as an unbiased assessment made by an engineer, I can very well say that if anyone can afford to pay for the robot, it will be extremely unwise not to purchase it both economically and from the convenience point of view. The space required for storing the robot is also a minimum.

8. I have a few suggestions for the Milagrow Technical Experts And The Management: –

(a) the software should be amended so that installation in the mobile is more facilitated as the three minute’s time given for completion of the software installation is highly insufficient and should be increased to 4 ½ minutes. This will reduce the harassment of the customers.

(b) a fast cleaning mode should be introduced whereby a room which has already been cleaned(the machine cleans it very well), can be fast cleaned with the offset of the second run being double that of the previous run. This will increase the life of the battery as well as the cleaning time and the life of the equipment as such.

© An additional mode for Super Cleaning or some such name may be provided by which an area is cleaned twice which can be selected just like in the case of an area but this will be an area on the map which requires thorough cleaning. The cleaning modes indicated above, can be suggested by suitable sensor which can sense the floor or other environmental being cleaned so that the customer has lesser decisions to make.

(d) In course of time the machine should be Voice Operated, with the basic language of English and Hindi and in future covering the other regional languages.

(e) It should be possible to Select Wet Or Wet And Dry Mode, for which hardware of the machine requires some alteration. It is suggested that this alteration may be made modular together with any other alterations made, such that the updated hardware can be substituted instead of the existing hardware at a reasonable cost. During the warranty and extended warranty period any modifications that are done should be done free on the earlier purchase models and this can be given as an extra feature in the warranty clause 4 software and hardware upgradation.

(f) Periodically, the machine should give a Voice Output, which can be selected on the mobile to indicate its location from time to time, so that any intervention or change in strategy by the customer is possible during the course of its cleaning.

(g) The upgraded model should be available at a reasonably discounted cost after the extended warranty period, and the manufacturer should take back the old model and renovate the same and sell it so that we do not contribute to electronic waste and harm the environment.

9. If you can afford to pay for the Robot, buy it early to reap the gains.

Subir Basu
B Tech Hons
IIT KGP 1962

    Gayathri N

    Excellent Mapping System

    Super convenient for those who have a busy lifestyle. I reviewed many robotic vacuum cleaners very carefully and settled on the IMAP 9.0. It was easy to set up. I appreciate how it maps our house, how long it operates on a single charge; you can select different power levels for different surfaces, new features and improvements are automatically provided through the app. In addition to the mapping feature, you may break the floor plan into different rooms, you can select areas in which you don't want the robot to vacuum, and you can create instant cleaning "zones" for special cleaning attention.

      Aparna a K

      Best 2020 purchase

      Just started a startup and was short in the budget to hire cleaning staff. My father told me a robotic vacuum cleaner will be a best investment. I bought this milagrow imap 9.0 robot because it seems to have a lot of smart mapping features. I have to say it is quite portable which allows it to fit tiny corners in my office and can easily pick up small objects. Setup is quite easy and comprehensive. I've set up schedules and routes regularly by the app. there is no additional manual requirement. I have already recommended it to my friends.

        Jayanta N

        Great Quality & Great User Experience

        Great vacuum power, long battery life, recharges quickly. My wife called it a "game changer". It's actually very good thing & it quite literally cleaning every single corner. Maps the whole rooms and doesn't seem to miss a spot. I would highly recommend.

          Pradeep Kumar M

          Makes me happy

          With 6 people living in a house over 1500 sqft and 3 rooms, everyday cleaning is a difficult task, this one is really a game changer, Just click on button, it cleans automatically rooms. it did the cleaning job for me. Very happy to have a clean home after work every day.

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            iMap 9.0 Wet & Dry

            iMap 9.0 Wet & Dry

            India's Fastest Live Mapping & Self Navigating Floor Robot, Comes with RT2R Technology, Smart Laser Navigation, Scans 6*360 Degree/Sec 2160 Time/Sec, Cleans Double the Area in Same Time, Displays Cleaned & Left-Out Area, Resumes Cleaning Left-Out Areas After Recharging, NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 2200Pa Suction Power, Intelligent App Control, High Precision Map on Mobile Device.

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            • Asked by Jasjit
              on 2020-05-07
              Is it suitable for marble floors also? Answer:
            • Asked by Harshad
              on 2020-05-14
              I want to know if you provide a Home demo for this product in Pune Answer:
              Dear Sir, Please book a demo from our website or call 9953476189
            • Asked by Hem Dudhedia
              on 2020-05-14
              What is the size of water tank?does it do mopping also? Answer:
              Dear Sir, The capacity of the water tank is 200 ml, yes it also does mopping.
            • Asked by Pezan Patel
              on 2020-05-19
              Do you have a no condition return policy, where in the full amount is refunded of the product of we are not happy with the product. What is the EMI scheme available. Please share details. Answer:
              Dear Sir, Please see our refund and return policy EMI is available for 3 to 36 months tenure and interest rate will be according to your bank. which bank credit card do you have? Kindly call 99534 76189 so that we can explain the better to you.
            • Asked by Ramanjit
              on 2020-05-20
              I would like to know how do we set virtual wall & how to use area cleaning on Tayusmart app. Answer:
              Once the map is created on the screen, there is an option "Virtual Wall". Click on that and then click on the +Add option, Light Shade Brown color Block will appear. You can drag it to the correct position, and also can minimize the size just pressing in one corner where the (-) sign is there. And then Press Save option. You can create multiple" Virtual wall".For particular Area Clean you need to click on "Area Clean". and then click on the +Add option, Transparent color block will be created. You can drag it to the correct position, and also can minimize the size just pressing in one corner where the (-) sign is there. And then Press Save option. You can create multiple blocks for sequence cleaning.
            • Asked by Amogh Yerra
              on 2020-06-04
              can I use it once and if I don't like it then return it with a full refund??? Answer:
              Can you return a washing machine or fridge like this?
            • Asked by suresh babu
              on 2020-06-06
              Is its app available in Andriod phone also? Answer:
            • Asked by a guest
              on 2020-06-27
              Can you send me the demo for mopping? How often do I need to change the wipe for a 1500sq ft house Are the spares easily available Answer:
     No need to change. Once cleaning finished it is washable. Yes spare parts are available on our websitePlease call 9953476189 so that we can explain the product better to you.
            • Asked by jaganmohan rao gorinka
              on 2020-07-02
              is there a vedio of its working? Answer:
            • Asked by Shashi
              on 2020-07-05
              Can you provide home demo of imc 9 dry and wet mopping at Mulund Mumbai . Is mopping pads are available in mumbai Answer:
              Please book a demo from our website or call 9953476189 so that we can explain the product better to you.
            • Asked by g.gnanaprabhu
              on 2020-07-08
              imap 9.0 wet and dry model claening area size Answer:
              In a single charge it will work about 2 hours and cover 2000 sq ft area. Please call 9953476189 so that we can explain the better to you.
            • Asked by a guest
              on 2020-07-20
              What is make of the machine For servicing of the machine whom to contact Answer:
              It's Indian made. For service please contact to
            • Asked by Satish Krishnan
              on 2020-07-27
              The battery lasts for how long. I find in my I Map 9.0 wet and dry, which I bought in Dec 2019, the battery has already started failing. It is not in a position to cover the full area. Answer:
              Battery backup 90-120 minutes. If area is big so you can use area clean option.
            • Asked by Shekhar Narula
              on 2020-07-28
              After sales service available ? Deliver & Demo at Bhubaneswar-751001 Answer:
              Yes, Please book a demo from our website We will give you a online demo.
            • Asked by a guest
              on 2020-07-29
              Does it have UV bulb disinfection like in older model Milagrow REDHAWK? Answer:
            • Asked by ABHIJEET SONI
              on 2020-08-02
              If it works with dog hair. I was told that some of these get blocked with dog hair. We have a pet dog at home Answer:
              Brush has been design such a way that very easy to clean.
            • Asked by Satish krishnan
              on 2020-08-09
              Please let me know if the entire house can be cleaned and mopped with the 200 ml of water tank. I have a I Map 9 and I find it is not effective as far as mopping is concerned. Please elucidate. Answer:
              Sir, It depends on the size of your home. You should wet the mop and also fill the water tank. If the robot has a lot of free areas it can do about 750 Sft on a single filling.
            • Asked by Anant Kollur
              on 2020-08-11
              Whether the life of the robot is just 2 years? Can it be extendey by AMC Answer:
              Sir, The life is easily 5-7 years. Yes you can purchase the AMC
            • Asked by Viral Joshi
              on 2020-09-17
              Hi, I am interested in purchase of this robot model having online reference as MGRV016. Can you please let me know if it is available or not?I would also like to know the offers/discounts you can provide on purchase of it?Thank you in advance. Answer:
              Sir new upgrade is iMap 10.0 .This is the older model.
            • Asked by Dhirendranath Datta
              on 2020-10-25
              Country of origin? Answer:
              This model was made in China as well as India, depending upon consignment.
            • Asked by Gaurab Dey
              on 2020-10-26
              Hi,Will this model be suitable to clean human and pet hair? Will it be able to remove stains like tea in wet sweeping mode? Answer:
              It shall clean all kinds of hair. To clean stains you require to use some chemicals but with continuous use, even without chemicals, it can be cleaned.
            • Asked by S.Nag
              on 2020-11-18
              I have purchased imap 9.. But I Am unable to setup with the app..the robot is displayed as offline on the app and the device is showing yellow light.. please help.. Answer:
              Hi Sir, just call +91-124-4309570
            • Asked by a guest
              on 2020-11-25
              Queries 1. If the area is more than 5000 sq ft with uneven surfaces will the device be effective ? 2. Does it work on staircases if the house has them 3.Does it automatically detect carpeted surfaces (in drawing rooms) and cleans accordingly 4. What is the life of the machine, cleaning an area more than 5000 sq ft daily Answer:
              1. If the area is more than 5000 it shall need to recharge and resume. It shall do so automatically as it remembers the maps. 2. It can not do the steps of the staircases. 3. This can not detect the surfaces automatically. But imap max can. 4. It should last around 5 years.
            • India's Fastest Live Mapping & Self Navigating Floor Robot,
            • RT2R Technology - Real time terrain recognition technology with LDS Lidar & SLAM
            • Scans 6*360 degree/sec 2160 time/sec,
            • Cleans Double the Area in Same Time,
            • NIDEC Brushless Motor, Which has 2200Pa Suction Power,
            • 450ml dust box,
            • Builds Realtime, High Precision Map on mobile device,  
            • Does Real Time Path Planning, 
            • Displays Cleaned & Left Area, Comes back to Clean the Left out Areas, 
            • After cleaning one room goes to another room without assistance, 
            • Memory function makes sure that after battery depletion it recharges & resumes from the point it left cleaning with laser guidance, 
            • Intuitive mobile app. 
            • Milagrow 9.0 Software Generation
            • HEPA removes 99.97% of all particulate matter smaller than 0.3 micrometer
            • Robotic Stair and Fall Sensor
            • Robotic Obstacle and Optical Sensor
            • Robotic Self Diagnosis
            • Robotic Accelerometer Sensor
            • Robotic Gyro Sensor
            • Robotic Extra Dirt Sensor
            • Robotic Pre-Scheduled Cleaning
            • Robotic Self Charging
            • Robotic Water Tank for Wet Cleaning
            • Anti Slip Tyres
            • Doorsill crossing & Carpet Climbing Ability
            • Pet Hair Removal
            • Cleans All Floors and Tiles - Hard, Wood, Glass, Marble, Linoleum, Smooth & Slippery
            • Cleans Most Carpets - Flat, Short Hair, Deep Pile
            • Self Preservation & Self Diagnosis by recognizing most malfunctions and guiding the user to troubleshoot.
            • Robot Warranty - 1 Year on Robot, 6 months on Battery

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