Buying Guides for Robotic Mowers

Buying a Lawn Robot is like employing a full-time working gardener, without losing a day's work. Lawn Robots are fully robotic, capable of working around the clock day in day out. They are not just user friendly, but environmentally responsible as well, since they are powered by electricity and produce no harmful exhaust emissions. The unique mowing technique is based on continuously cutting the grass in random patterns within the boundaries you decide. When it’s time to recharge the battery the Lawn Robot automatically returns to its charging station.

Lawn Robots are is designed to mow grass on the simplest of lawns to complex, undulating yards. When an obstacle such as a tree or rock is in the way, Lawn Robots simply reverse and select a new direction before continuing. This also goes for pets in your yard.

Things to keep in mind when buying Lawn Robot

  • Select a Lawn Robot  model according to the area to be mowed.
  • Large wheels should allow a Lawn Robot to run on uneven lawns and handle inclines of up to approximately 30%.
  • Many Lawn Robots are weatherproofed and perfectly happy to work in the rain.
  • The control display should be very simply designed and should work just like a mobile phone. You should be able to select settings to match your individual needs.
  • Lawn Robot should be theft-proofed with alarms and security codes and you should be able to leave it unattended. In case someone tries to steal it, Lawn Robot should become totally worthless for them.
  • Lawn Robot should be exceptionally silent. So it doesn’t disturb the neighbors, even when working night shifts.