RoboNicklaus 3.0 - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNicklaus 3.0 - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNicklaus 3.0 - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNicklaus 3.0 - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNicklaus 3.0 - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNicklaus 3.0 - Milagrow Humantech
RoboNicklaus 3.0 - Milagrow Humantech

RoboNicklaus 3.0

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India's 1st IoT Lawn Robot, Robotic 6th Sense, Working Capacity 28000 sq ft in 24 hours, 5600 sq ft on a single charge of 3 hours, Robotic Pressure Sensor, Robotic Bumper Sensor, Robotic Touch Sensor, Robotic Rain Sensor, Robotic Lift Sensor, Robotic Tilt Sensor. Robotic Electronic Compass, Robotic Overload Protect, Robotic Subarea Setting, Robotic Scheduling, Robotic Mowing Pattern.

Milagrow RoboNicklaus 3.0 - India's 1st IoT Lawn Robot

  • Working Capacity 28000 sq ft in 24 hours, 5600 sq ft on a single charge of 3 hours.
  • Robotic 6th Sense.
  • Robotic Pressure Sensor.
  • Robotic Bumper sensor.
  • Robotic Touch sensor.
  • Robotic Rain Sensor.
  • Robotic Lift sensor.
  • Robotic Tilt sensor.
  • Robotic Electronic Compass.
  • Robotic Overload Protect.
  • Robotic Subarea setting.
  • Robotic Scheduling.
  • Robotic Mowing Pattern.
  • Robotic 'Artificial Intelligence' Lawn Test.
  • Robotic Auto Recharge.
  • Robotic Self Diagnosis and Call for help.
  • Negotiates upto 30 degree inclines.
  • 4 cutting blades, 2-5 to 6 cm adjustable cutting height.
  • Anti Theft.
  • Zero emissions.
  • Remote controllable.
  • Multi Language LED Control Panel and Display.
  • Rainproof functionality.


Mowing Functions and Performance
Working capacity 2600 Sq m or 0.64 Acre or 28000 Sq Ft, +/-20
Coverage Area(on single charge) 5600 Sq Ft or 0.13 Acre
Cutting Speed (meters/min) 35 m/min or 2.1 km/h
Climbing or Hill Capability 30 degree Max. Slope
Number of Cutting Blades (pcs) 4
Adjustable Cutting Height (cm) 2.5-6 cm
Cutting Width (cm) 21 cm
Rotating Speed of Blades 3000rpm
Standard virtual wire length 100m/0.5mm
Adjustable Height Number 7 Settings
Safety & Anti Theft Functions
Totally Safe Yes
Emergency Stop Switch Yes
Child Lock and/or Password set-up Password
Address Identification between robot and charging station Yes
Anti Theft Password
Robotic 6th Sense
Robotic Wi-Fi Control Yes
Robotic Tilt sensor Yes
Robotic Pressure Sensor Yes
Robotic Bumper sensor Front and Side
Robotic Touch sensor Yes
Robotic Rain Sensor Yes
Robotic Lift sensor Yes
Robotic Electronic Compass Yes
Robotic Overload Protect Yes
Robotic Subarea setting Yes
Robotic Scheduling Yes
Robotic Mowing Pattern AI Straighline and Spiral
Robotic Artificial Intelligence Lawn Test Yes
Robotic Auto Recharge Yes
Robotic Self Diagnosis and Call for help Yes
Robotic Gyroscope Navigation Yes
Environment & Health Features
Green Product. No emissions Yes
Low Energy consumption Yes
Respiration Safe Yes
Other Features and Specifications
LED Control Panel and Display 7 Controls & 11 Functions
Waterproof (Ingress Protection) IP56
Noise (Decibels) Less than 60 db
Multi Language Option on Display Panel All 9 Languages
Around Virtual Wire Walking Selection Yes
Robot can't be ON if Charging Station is Powerless Yes
High Performance Motors Brushless
Full Function Remote Control Works from upto 6 meters
Working Temperature Range From -20℃ to 40℃
Whole Body Water Proof Yes
Battery & Power Specifications
Type of Battery Lithium
Average Working Time (Hours) Maximum 2 Hours
Charging Time (Hours) Lesss than 3 h
Rated Power of Adapter (Average) 85W
Battery Capacity. (Ah) Lithium 6.6 Ah
Lawn Robot Charger Waterproof
Package Contents
Main Unit Yes
Charging Station Yes
Remote No
Remote Battery No
Adapter/Charger Yes
Virtual Wire Virtual Wire (100 meters can be extended upto 600 meters optionally at cost)
Virtual Wire Connectors 10 pcs
Pegs 100 Pcs
Stakes 4 pcs
Blade for Replacement 3 Pcs
Inner Hexagonal Spanner Yes
Keys No
User Manual. Yes
Other Specifications
Gross Weight (Kgs) 22 Kgs
Mower Dimensions (LxWxH) 52*39*27cm(LWH)
Charging Station Size (LxWxH) 78*50*17 cm
Net Weight (Kgs) 19 Kgs
Charging Station Dimensions (LxWxH) 60*50*17cm(LWH)
Optional Accessories
Optional Accessories Rain Cover
Product Warranty
Warranty 1 Year
Other Features
Certification CE, RoHS

In the Box:

  • Main Unit
  • Virtual Wire connectors 
  • Pegs (100 Pcs)
  • Inner Hexagonal Spanner
  • Battry
  • Charging Station
  • Charger
  • Adapter/Charger
  • Stkes (4 Pcs)
  • Blade
  • Rain Cover (Optional)