Why Choose a Robot Vacuum Cleaner? (Common FAQ)

Why Choose a Robot Vacuum Cleaner? (Common FAQ)

Q) How does a robotic vacuum cleaner work?
A) robotic vacuum cleaner uses image mapping to scan your home. AI sensors in the device prevent it from colliding with obstacles and help it determine the ideal cleaning path. A HEPA 12 filter collects particles on the floor and prevents them from re-entering the air.

Q) What Are the Advantages of Robotic Vacuums?
A) All Milagrow robotic vacuum cleaners come with intelligent technology that allows them to clean effectively while being simple to operate and safe.

Below are a few features:-

1) Milagrow robotic vacuum cleaners return to their docking station to recharge before the next session or to complete the current one
2) Beneficial to the elderly
3) Low-noise process
4) Plastic buckets or bags are designed for simple cleaning and emptying.
5) A variety of brushes are distributed throughout the robot vacuum cleaner.
6) They clean a range of carpets and hard floors such as Tile, Glass, Concrete & Wood.
7) Have them clean on a schedule or whenever you want them to.
8) Feature a remote control.
9) Automatically stop and cease when any errors are detected.
10) Both Dry & Wet Mopping

Q) Does robot vacuums need regular Maintenance and Cleaning?
A) Regular maintenance repairs are not needed but, if in case of any issues, call company service. All models come with a guide to help prolong their life and minimize wear and tear.

Dirt, dust, and other debris are collected in a plastic bin or tub. It's simple to remove, empty, clean, and replace. Cleaning the filter is recommended to maintain maximum suction power.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is washable and reusable. They are high-performance filters capturing debris that is smaller than 0.3 micron.

The primary brushes beneath the robot, the side brush, should be cleaned regularly with the cleaning equipment included with the robot vacuum cleaner. It will keep debris from accumulating and causing the robot to malfunction. The right and left drive wheels, the castor wheels, should be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Q) What to look for when buying a robot vacuum?
A) Before purchasing a robot, consider its vacuum and mopping capabilities, dustbin capacity, battery life, warranty, spare parts availability, service capability, conveniences, dimensions, colour, and advanced features. The best vacuum for pet owners may differ from the best vacuum for someone with a large home, so assess your unique needs and make your choice accordingly.

Q) Do robot vacuums work well?
A) Yes, Robotic vacuums clean the floors efficiently.

Q) Is Milagrow Robots an Indian or a Chinese brand?
A) Milagrow is entirely Indian. It is the first company in India to launch Robot cleaners. It takes pride in offering novel products to its clients to delight them. We have set up an excellent Quality control system and service network to satisfy its customers.

Milagrow has introduced a wide range of robots such as floor cleaning robots, window cleaning robots, pool cleaning robots, lawn cutting robots, humanoids, etc.

Q) What is the lifespan of a robotic vacuum cleaner?
A) According to Consumer Reports, most vacuums last around five to eight years.

Q) Do robot vacuums clean corners?
A) The Milagrow Robots Pro/Max series clean smaller areas, including all the corners, nooks, and gaps, under the bed & tables. The side brush reaches to clean corners and tricky spots more effectively.

Q) Which Milagrow robot vacuum cleaner has strong suction power?
A) Milagrow Imap 10 with NIDEC Brushless Motor has 2700Pa Suction Power to remove the stubborn dirt.

Q) How often Should I empty my robot vacuum cleaner?
A) Usually, you should clean them twice a week or more frequently if dust accumulates.

Q) Do robot vacuum cleaners need WiFi?
A) The Robot will work perfectly well by pushing the "Clean" button. The app will require a WIFI connection to manage the robotic vacuum cleaner from your smartphone.

Q) Are robot vacuum cleaners noisy?
A) The robot vacuum cleaner's noise level is about 40 dB to 60 dB. It can run early in the morning or at night without disturbing anyone.

Q) Do robot vacuum cleaners learn your house?
A) Robot vacuum cleaners learn the layout of your home and offer it to you on a digital map. This digital map denotes places off-limits to the device, specifies locations for a more thorough cleaning, and much more.

Q) Can you move the robot vacuum cleaner to different floors?
A) Yes! The Milagrow iMap 10 Series can remember up to 4 unique floor plans. You can transport the robot to a different floor or house. If the robot has mapped the location, it will recognize its space and clean as directed.

Q) How are robot vacuums emptied?
A) Gently click the button, and the dustbin will emerge. After emptying the dustbin, place it back to its original location.

Q) What should you do if your robot cleaner accidentally runs over dog poop?
A) Stop your robot immediately if it runs over dog poop and does not allow it to continue the cleaning cycle. Because if that happens, the dog poop will spread across every possible surface within its reach. However, Milagrow's super mopper AguaBot21 will readily clean that.

Q) Do robot vacuum cleaners clean under beds?
A) Yes. The height of the Milagrow robot ranges from 7.4cm to 10.2cm. The robot will clean beneath the bed or tables if the distance beneath the bed is greater than the robot's height.

Q) Can a robot replace a normal vacuum?
A) Yes. Practically no one uses traditional vacuum cleaners daily due to being difficult & strenuous. A Robotic Vacuum cleaner is an independent worker and does all cleaning with minimum supervision.

Q) Is a robot vacuum cleaner worth it?
A) Yes, for all types of floor cleaning.

Q) Should I use my Robot vacuum cleaner every day?
A) If you have pets and kids, use your Milagrow Robot Vacuum cleaner every day.

Q) Is it possible for me to pick up my Robot and move it to another room?
A) If you pick up the robot vacuum cleaner and move it manually, it may have problems locating its Home Base. Allow the robot vacuum cleaner to complete its cleaning cycle without interruption for the best results. Ensure that the Home Base is in the best possible place.

Q) Can I run my Robot 3 to 4 times a day?
A) Yes, you can run, but after the power has depleted, it will take 3 to 4 hours to recharge before it starts resume cleaning.

Q) Does the Robot use a lot of electricity?
A) Robotic vacuum cleaners charge most efficiently in their home base, having a strong battery capacity of 5200 mAh with a charge time is 120-240 minutes. Once fully charged, Robot energy consumption is about 3.6 watts in standby mode.

Q) Can Robotic Vacuum Cleaners be used at night?
A) Most robots cannot work in the dark because they require light, but Milagrow Robots feature sensors that can work in the darkness.

Q) Is Robot familiar with your home?
A) Yes, most advanced robots can remember your house's layout. You can direct it to leave its base and clean up a specific room, after which it will return to its dock.

Q) How long will the robot vacuum cleaner take to clean a room?
A) This method usually takes 7 to 10 minutes for a 20*20sqft space. However, it can take longer or shorter depending on the size, obstacles, and form of the room you're cleaning.

Q) Is it possible to clean the bathroom with a robot vacuum cleaner?
A) Yes, a specific robot is capable of cleaning wet floors is required for the bathroom. Most Robots will only clean the bathroom if it is dry. Milagrow Aguabot 21 is suitable in such circumstances.

Q) Is it possible for a robot vacuum cleaner to spy on your home?
A) No, Milagrow Robotic vacuum cleaner cannot record images or private conversations. However, robots that use camera-based navigation systems can spy.

Q) How does a robot know when it's finished?
A) Once the robot completes mapping the house, the robot vacuum cleaner will cover every inch of it, and its AI technology will tell it when the work is over.

Q) How do I choose a good robot vacuum cleaner?
Here's a list of things to consider:
1) Start by surveying your home area.
2) Whether you have hard floors or carpet.
3) You want an app with that.
4) Decide on your budget.
5) Robot vacuums use varying methods of navigation.

Q) Can a robot vacuum cleaner suck the water from the floor?
A) To clean out the water from the floor, you will need Milagrow Aguabot 21, a specialist for wet cleaning. Most of the other robots are not capable of sucking out the water.

Q) Can a robot vacuum cleaner damage the carpet?
A) No, it will not damage the carpet.

Q) Can robot vacuum cleaners be used with standard power outlets?
A) Yes, you may use standard electricity. Robotic vacuums consume between 25 and 40 watts of power.

Q) Can a robot vacuum cleaner run on a wet floor?
A) No, robots will get damaged or spoiled if there is more water. Advanced models like Milagrow Aguabot 21 can run on a wet floor.

Q) Can robotic vacuum cleaners clean balconies?
A) Yes, most Robotic cleaners will clean the balcony easily.

Q) Do any robot vacuum cleaners clean stairs?
A) No, robotic vacuum cleaners travel with stepper motors wheel technology and cannot climb more than 2.5CM.

Q) Is the wet mopping floor robot worth it?
A) Common robotic vacuum cleaners are worth regular vacuuming & mopping. But for fully deep-cleaning, you will require advanced models like Milagrow AguaBot 21.

Q) Does a robot clean while mapping?
A) Yes, your robot will clean and map all the areas it can access.

Q) Is robot vacuum cleaners helpful in Indian homes?
A) Because a robotic vacuum cleaner is only 3.5 inches tall, it can easily slide and clean under different pieces of furniture, such as chairs, tables, beds, and other locations, during normal cleaning.

Q) Can I use a robot mop on laminate floors?
A) Yes, you can use a robot mop on laminate floors very well. AguaBot 21 is designed to clean all the hard floors —from tile, glass, concrete, wood, and laminate. A unique 4-step process is Spray, Scrub, Suction, and Scrape for deep cleaning.

Q) Is sale service support available after purchase?
A) Yes, after-sale service support is available for Milagrow Robots.

Q) Are spare parts available?
A) Yes, all the spare parts of Milagrow are available.

Q) Is Service centers available?
A) Yes, we have service centers available in metro cities & remote areas as well. We provide door-to-door pickup & drop for free of cost.

Q) Where can you see the Product demo?
A) Virtual free demo is available as per your convenient date and time. Home demos at a nominal charge, or you can visit our nearest dealer or distributors showroom.

Q) Can we get a Pre-Sales Demo at home?
A) Yes, we currently cover a limited number of cities for the pre-sales demo at a nominal charge. The advance gets refunded upon purchase via a coupon code emailed to you.

When you buy the shown model, you will be able to cash in on the offer. The customer care team will call you within 24 hrs after the form submission to confirm the date and time of the demo.

The demo of the product will last for 30 minutes to an hour only.

Q) Do you get additional accessories with the product after purchase?
A) Yes, you will get a kit accessible installed with the product and additional replaceable tools with the Milagrow.

Q) Can robots have two home bases?
A) Absolutely! Our Milagrow robots are compatible with multiple home bases.

Q) Is it possible to use the same Robot upstairs and downstairs?
A) If you place the Robot in a room, be it upstairs, downstairs, or elsewhere, it will vacuum the space.

Q) Can a robot vacuum do multiple rooms?
A) Yes! As long as you keep the doors open between rooms, it can navigate multiple rooms. For example, a kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, and bedroom are cleaned all in one session.

Q) Can I move my Robot to different floors?
A) There shouldn't be any issues when changing floors. Ensure to relocate the Robot and its docking station. The session begins from the docking station, so it has a place to return to the charging Dock station after completion.

Q) Does a robot vacuum cleaner move from one room to another?
A) The robot moves from room to room. It will clean your whole house, or as much as it can do on one charge.

Q) What happens if Robot gets stuck?
A) The Robot’s sweet voice alert will give you notifications when it gets stuck, and automatically it will shut down as Milagrow Robots have Robotic 6th Sense.

Q) How do you keep a robotic vacuum clean?
A) Twice a week, use a dust brush to remove dirt, debris, and hair from the dustbin, Hepa filter, and main cleaning brush. Be careful you inspect all of the wheels before reinstalling them. Some robotic vacuum cleaners have side brushes that need cleaning at least twice a month, remove them and thoroughly clean them with warm water.

Q) What happens if Robot’s battery completely discharges without cleaning the home?
A) All Milagrow Robots have resuming feature. The robots will go to the charging dock automatically & after the battery gets charged, it will continue cleaning from where it is left out. This resume function is available only in LiDAR driven Models.

Q) Can I buy an Extended Warranty?
A) Yes, Milagrow offers an extended warranty on products.

Replacement Warranty: Milagrow makes every effort to give a replacement warranty for any product purchased within seven days of the original purchase date.

Repair warranty - applicable, unless otherwise stated or for Milagrow-specific goods.

If a consumer receives a damaged product upon shipping, they must tell Milagrow within 7 days. Outside of the 7-day warranty period, Milagrow has the option of crediting, replacing, exchanging, or repairing the faulty goods.

Q) What does the warranty cover?
A) Electronic parts of the main product shall be replaced/repaired, free of cost in case of any breakdown during the Warranty Period.

However, decorative and plastic parts, consumables, accessories, and wear and tear components are excluded.

Q) How Many years of warranty are available?
A) Milagrow provides a 1-year warranty on the product and 5-years on the suction motor.