What to Consider When Choosing a Robot Vacuum for Carpet

What to Consider When Choosing a Robot Vacuum for Carpet

Milagrow's Robotic vacuum cleaners are suitable for daily cleaning to keep dust, crumbs, and pet hair in check as an addition to a regular cleaning schedule. Consider the size, suction power, runtime, programs, along with other additional features when selecting a robot vacuum. A high Pa suction motor is essential for carpet cleaning.


A robot vacuum should reach every corner of the space to clean adequately. Consider the machine's height and width, as these factors influence its capacity to operate in confined locations.

Milagrow robots have a height ranging from 7.4cm to 10.1cm, allowing them to fit under furniture such as low-clearance beds and couches, as well as the space between furniture and the wall.

Although robot vacuums are small, their docking station takes up some floor area. Space around the dock is also required for robot vacuums to access the charger. 

Suction Power

Milagrow robot vacuums take up trash from floors and carpets with a spinning tough brush roll and side brushes. These beater brushes gently agitate the carpet fibers to loosen dirt and debris for a more thorough clean, even with lower suction power. Furthermore, all Milagrow Robots include iBoost Tech, which automatically increases suction force for surfaces like carpet.


Milagrow Robot vacuums are cordless and use a charging station to recharge their batteries. Robot vacuums can clean for 1.5 hours on an average charge, with some lasting up to 3 hours, which is sufficient for most average-sized households. If a vacuum can't finish cleaning in one session, some models return to their dock to recharge and resume cleaning from where they left off once fully charged.


Milagrow Robot vacuums operate on their own. The most simple programs include an automatic mode that allows the operator to turn on the vacuum and leave it to work. High-quality models support scheduling, room mapping, and other features. 

Lower-end vacuums may include remote controls or onboard controls for program selection, whereas high-tech vacuums connect to smartphone apps.

Users can use scheduling software to arrange the vacuum to run at specific or several times per day. Options include single-room cleaning, targeted cleaning, and exclusion zones in mapping programs. Some systems let you perform a second pass through the room or spot clean specific areas.


Models gently rebound when they contact walls or furniture, making them more cost-effective. These "bump-and-run" models clean randomly, but they do the job. Higher-end models use sensitive sensors or smart-mapping features to clean in a structured pattern.

Other sensors detect when the vacuum is close to an edge, such as a staircase. Some sensors can also determine the amount of dirt on the floor and alter the cleaning mode accordingly.

Robot vacuums and mops that are dual-purpose can accomplish both tasks when cleaning hard floors.

Smart Technology

Milagrow robot vacuums include Wi-Fi and other digital connectivity features in conjunction with a companion app to control the unit remotely. These apps can monitor the robot's progress, battery life, dustbin capacity, switch on the vacuum, schedule cleanings, and modify settings. To change any Milagrow robotic vacuum cleaners settings, connect to voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Smart-mapping options use an onboard camera or laser reflection to map the home's floor plan and designate cleaning or exclusion zones to personalise the vacuum's cleaning course. 

Noise Level

The quieter-the better, as robotic vacuum cleaners are designed to function in the background. Some quieter vacuums operate at 40 to 60 dB, roughly the same as a whisper and significantly lower than a standard manual vacuum cleaner. 


Milagrow robot vacuums are capable of cleaning both hard surfaces and carpets. These vacuums contain automated sensors that recognize the kind of flooring and tailor the suction or beater brush settings to the surface.

Pet Friendly

Shedding fur and kibble on the floor can be a daily annoyance for people who have dogs. Pet-friendly Milagrow Robot Vacuums clean up hair, kibble, and stray litter. They feature HEPA filtration systems to keep allergens like pet hair and dander, as well as Microbes, Bacteria, and Viruses at bay.