How to Get the Most Out of Your Milagrow Robot Vacuum

How to Get the Most Out of Your  Milagrow Robot Vacuum

A robotic vacuum cleaner is essential to eliminate floor cleaning as a household chore.  Milagrow robot vacuum cleaner requires super low maintenance but choosing the right one depends on your needs. The perfect one for your house relies on square footage, flooring types, and if you have kids or pets.

These are the steps worth considering to ensure they work their best. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of our robot vacuum cleaner. 

Set Up a Schedule

You may program a cleaning routine and adjust it as needed with the Milagrow robot vacuum cleaner. Create one right away to make things as simple as possible.

Is your house empty for any particular day & time? If yes, then schedule your robot vacuum cleaner to do its job. Alternatively, if your kitchen and dining area are far away from your bedroom, set your robot vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess after you go to bed, to wake up to crumb-free flooring.

Create a Clutter-free Zone

Before using your robot vacuum cleaner, make sure all toys, pillows, blankets, and other items on the floor are put away off the floor. You can hamper your robot's cleaning capacity by not moving these obstacles.

If you're always short on time, use your vacuum app to create a boundary line or a no-go zone around an area where you can quickly store your clutter. If your robot vacuum does not allow you to configure boundary lines, use a magnetic boundary strip to establish a vacuum no-go zone.

Regardless of which approach you use, set a reminder on your phone to remove the clutter in your designated area before your robot vacuum begins its scheduled run.

Get Original Replacement Parts from the Milagrow

Your robot vacuum cleaner will require replacement parts at some point, just like any other busy household appliance. You might save money by purchasing replacement parts from a third party, but they won't be as effective or last as long. The best choice is to purchase directly from the company.

Give It Space

The area beneath dining tables attracts crumbs, but seats might make it difficult for your robot vacuum to clean them all up. Make some room for the robot to clean by putting chairs against walls or laying them down on a table.

Stuffing bed skirts beneath mattresses, positioning garbage cans on higher surfaces like worktops, and looping long drapes over curtain holders are some more ways to make cleaning space for your robot vacuum cleaner.

Empty the Bin Frequently

Make it a point to empty your Robotic trash container regularly. Overflowing bins diminish your robot vacuum's performance and may even cause it to overheat and become broken. Depending on the size of your home and pet situation, clean the bin after each vacuum. 

Discover the Ideal charging spot

Flat surfaces, such as hardwood or tile floors, are ideal sites for your charging station because carpets might restrict airflow to the battery, causing it to overheat.

Aside from charging on a non-carpeted floor, make sure your location is against a wall and not in a congested area. It will aid in the prevention of a possibly deadly and embarrassing trip and fall. The charging station can be in an unused corner or guest bedroom for the vacuum cleaner to have an unobstructed path to and from it.

Contain Cords

A robot vacuum is all too often to become tangled in electrical or cable cords. It may damage the wire and cause the robot to stop working. Examine your home to ensure that all power cords are properly put away for the robot vacuum cleaner to work smoothly.

Adjust the Suction Power

The iBoost technology in Milagrow robot vacuums automatically adjusts suction power based on the surface and dust scenario. You can manually adjust the suction power. Set it to higher suction if your floors are smooth and lower suction if you have carpet.

Robotic vacuum cleaners can switch between smooth & carpet flooring with ease. If you have more than one type of flooring, see your manual for a suction level guideline.

Avoid the use of in-floor water.

Robotic vacuum cleaners intend to extract dirt from the floor. If it sucks water, it will damage the motor and impair its performance. AguaBot 21, our wet master, is ideal for wet environments. It cleans your floor by sucking up water or any other liquid.

Place no heavy or light materials on the Robot

Do not use your Robot vacuum cleaner as a carrier of any kind. It's not intended to transport payloads. It will obstruct its operation and damage the motor. 

Avoid using the device in bright sunlight

Avoid using it in direct sunlight since the lithium battery can overheat, reducing the battery's life.

Do not clean the gadget with any liquids or put it in water

Do not use any liquid to clean the robot vacuum; instead, a dry dusting with a cloth is sufficient.

Avoid using any detergent or solvent water

Add no cleaning agents to the water tank, such as Lizol, Domex, or Harpic. It would obstruct the water outflow and reduce the efficacy of wet mopping. 

While moving, do not elevate the gadget from the ground

It will lose track of the map and will not dock automatically.

Keep the device charged at all times, even when not in use

Do not turn off the charging station when not in use, as the robot will walk away in search of the dock. The robot will automatically cease charging when its battery gets fully charged. The power usage is only 1-2 units each month, so don't worry about hefty bills.