Can a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replace A Normal Vacuum Cleaner?

Can a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Replace A Normal Vacuum Cleaner? - Milagrow Humantech

These tiny little robots are powerful hands-free, battery charged, rug and floor sweepers, that have been engineered to seek out and pick up the dirt, lint, sand and dust that lies on your floor and carpet surface. A 'glorified' carpet sweeper that works independently, while you do more important things.

With remote capabilities, these vacs are a real benefit for people who have mobility problems. For the person who has a very hectic daily schedule, you could take comfort from knowing your home is being 'swept' while you're out driving the children to their sporting events. They even work to eliminate low-lying floor dust and allergens to help allergy sufferers.

Care and maintenance of these little robots is quite simple. Filter and brush replacements when required; emptying the dust bin after each use, and checking your unit for trapped debris which can hinder performance.

You can't beat the convenience features that come with some models, or are available for purchase separately. Things like a scheduler - so it can clean while you're out; remote - so no bending required; a hanger or wall-mount for storage convenience; a self-charging base - to look after the power factor; and virtual walls - to confine it to one area.

The price range of robotic vacuums is quite wide and is influenced by special features, technology and accessories. A packaged deal may be more economical, than a lower priced unit plus several must-have accessories.

Sending the robot out to do the sweeping once a day, can really cut down on your housework. You'll still need to do a good vacuuming regularly, so don't retire your canister or upright, but these little robotic gems can sure keep those dust bunnies in check.