Request for Annual Maintenance Contract for Robots


As an esteemed Milagrow customer you can be rest assured that even after the expiry of warranty period of the product, you will continue to enjoy the same care and benefits through this extended warranty plan which will safeguard you against Uncertainty & Inconvenience.

Savings from unexpected high repair cost:
All the major operational parts (no matter how costly they are) & service charges are covered under this plan which comes to you at an amazingly nominal cost.

Special service
We have contracted with FedEx (World's No.1, Most Trusted Courier) to pickup the Robot(s) from your home/office in case of hardware failure or any other related problem.
We mostly receive them within 48-72 hours at company owned Service Centres at various places. Mostly we rectify it within 24-48 hours and send it back after perfect servicing and fine tuning. Turnaround time for you will be maximum 6-7 days in most cases..
We do not want our customers to suffer at the outsourced and ill equipped service centres. We understand the value of our customers and their time. The above method is expensive for us but it is safer and faster for our customers.
We are committed to providing you with the best service and we have a strong ambition to be India's most respected service organization.

Assured and Unlimited Service
In order to serve you in a competent manner we have got a dedicated team of engineers trained at our own service centres and are just a call away from you, for any kind of product related advice.

Comprehensive AMC
Our comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract is an industry benchmark and is designed to serve you better.

Electronic parts of main product shall be replaced/repaired, free of cost in case of any breakdown during AMC period as normal warranty.
Decorative & Plastic parts, Consumables, Wear & Tear components however are not included.

Take advantage of our extended service offer and enjoy the coverage provided to you even after the expiry of the original warranty period of the product.

Genuine Spares and regular maintenance will help you in extending the life of your Product.

For further information regarding AMC prices etc. kindly contact us on

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