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Window Robots – Working noise (db) Greater than 55 db

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  1. WindowBot 8.0

    WindowBot 8.0

    (3 ratings)

    Rs 42,990.00

    World's Leading Robotic Window Cleaner which can clean frameless as well as framed glass, Cleans 2 times faster, Artificially intelligent path planning: N, Z & N+Z pattern, 360 deg. Movement for all -around cleaning, 3 stage cleaning: Wipe, Mop, Wipe, Best for indoor & outdoor window cleaning, Strong suction : 2800 pa can hold 4.8 kg weight,  Can... Learn More

  2. Milagrow Hobot 188

    Milagrow Hobot 188

    (2 ratings)

    Rs 42,990.00

    Hobot V2 Multi Surface 3D Cleaning Robot, Remote controlled cleaning robot, Works on all plane surfaces, Featured with motorized skates, 99% window coverage, Includes 3 kinds of auto modes and manual modes,Power Cleaning: Brush away any particles, No scratches on the glass surface, No driving wheel, no tracks left, Remote Control, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Cloth Learn More

  3. Ecovacs Winbot 730

    Ecovacs Winbot 730

    (36 ratings)

    Rs 42,990.00

    World's First Robotic Cleaner which can clean frameless as well as framed windows or doors Cleans any thickness of glass Fall proof with Dual Suction Rings for Safety Protection Cleans for unlimited time with a upto 5 metre long cables included. Auto alarm when cleaning is finished and auto return to original place Three-Stage Cleaning for Maximum... Learn More

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