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  1. SafetyPod Winbot730

    SafetyPod Winbot730

    (5 ratings)

    Rs 1,990.00

    This tool is a fail safe device which retains WINBOT should it lose suction while cleaning a window above ground level. It comes with a 5.5 foot ( 1.7 metre) wire and provides an extra layer of protection  Available for Winbot 710 and Windbot 730 Learn More

  2. Charger Winbot730

    Charger Winbot730

    (5 ratings)

    Rs 1,500.00

    Ensures that WINBOT has a constant power supply so it is always at your service, ready to clean. 3.7 m long wire. Input - Rated voltage AC 100/240v, 5/60 Hz, voltage , 1.6 A. Output - DC 15v, 3.0 AAvailable for Winbot 710 and Winbot 730. Learn More

  3. Extension Winbot730

    Extension Winbot730

    (5 ratings)

    Rs 500.00

    An extension cable is available for you to clean those large windows. Each extension cable is 59 inches (1.5 metres)Available for Winbot 710 and Winbot 730. Learn More

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