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  1. CleaningPads Windoro

    CleaningPads Windoro

    (5 ratings)

    Rs 3,500.00

    40 pcs. WINDORO has EASY Convenient Detachable Pads! The microfiber pad with Velcro tape can be conveniently detached and re-applied after washing. One pad can last one year with 1 hour use daily.Available for Windoro 5 and Windoro 16. Learn More

  2. GasketSet Winbot

    GasketSet Winbot

    (6 ratings)

    Rs 1,990.00

    2 Units. Cupule equips WinBot with anti-slip driving treads and two efficiently powerful motors. If WINBOT’s cupule gaskets become torn, you can replace the cupule for better suction ability.Available for  WinBot 710 and WinBot 730. Learn More

  3. Cleaners Windoro

    Cleaners Windoro

    (6 ratings)

    Rs 1,500.00

    Windoro Edge Cleaners, Set of 20 Easily attaches to the fix plate Can be reused for several cleaning cyclesAvailable for Windoro 5 and Windoro 16. Learn More

  4. CleaningPads Winbot

    CleaningPads Winbot

    (6 ratings)

    Rs 900.00

    Set of 3. WINBOT has specially designed fiber Cleaning Pads provide powerful absorption of dust and dirt, ensuring WINBOT leaves the window sparkling clean. WINBOT's Cleaning Pads are made from superfine fibers which are not only great at absorbing dust and dirt but are also soft enough to prevent scratching of your windows. Cleaning Pads are also... Learn More

  5. Detergent Winbot730

    Detergent Winbot730

    (5 ratings)

    Rs 300.00

    This solution will not harm your WINBOT while providing the ability to clean your dirty windows.Available for Winbot 710 and Winbot 730. Learn More

  6. Detergent Windoro16

    Detergent Windoro16

    (6 ratings)

    Rs 113.00

    This cleaning solution does not harm your WINDORO and provides the ability to clean your dirty windows.Available for Windoro 5 and Windoro 16 . Learn More

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