Duct Robots

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  1. Hydra Duct Robot

    Hydra Duct Robot

    (11 ratings)

    Rs 1,199,000.00

    Hydra duct cleaning robot is used for cleaning dust, non-oily dust, and other dirt in horizontal or round large and medium-sized rectangular ducts. Free telescopic cleaning arm, 3-Way camera, No dead corners, Different brush heads for different ducts, 360º maneuverability & S pattern, Easy pluggability with control box and vacuum cleaner, 30º obstacle... Learn More

  2. Viper Duct Robot

    Viper Duct Robot

    (8 ratings)

    Rs 399,000.00

    World's thinnest duct cleaning robot, Cleans round and rectangular ducts between 100-350mm, PA66 Nylon brush: Long life; Cleans without damaging the duct, Foot switch for easy movement control, Adjustable height according the duct size, Flexible shaft bracket for easy storage, Omni directional wheel for easy manoeuvring, Full function control box. Learn More

  3. Ghost Buster Vacuum Cleaner

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