Air Purifier

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  1. RoboPurifier 7.0

    RoboPurifier 7.0

    (32 ratings)

    Rs 65,990.00

    360° Airpurification, Double-layer filtration, HEPA H11 grade filter & activated carbon filter efficiently remove airborne particles. PM2.5, dust, dirt, allergens, harmful chemicals, pollen particles. automatic wind speed adjustment when air gets bad, UV kills germs, Health Ion Generator strengthens the Immune system, SHARP particle displays indoor... Learn More

  2. RoboSlim Ultrasonic

    RoboSlim Ultrasonic

    (0 ratings)

    Rs 47,990.00

    World's slimmest floor cleaning robot with ultrasonic sensors, UV kills germs on the floor, HEPA removes 99.97% of all particulate matter, Water Tank for Wet Cleaning, Smart mop, 6 Cleaning Modes - Auto, Spiral, Special Bounce, Wall Following, ZigZag, Polygonal, Scheduling over Wi-Fi with Andriod app, Doorsill crossing & Carpet Climbing Ability upto... Learn More

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