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  1. NAO V6

    NAO V6

    (4 ratings)

    Rs 1,400,000.00

    25 degrees of freedom: for movement, Two cameras: to see its surroundings, An inertial measurement unit: which lets the robot detect if it is upright or sitting down, Touch sensors: to detect your touch, Four directional microphones: so NAO can hear you , Connectivity through Bluetooth, WiFI and Ethernet provides NAO with a huge knowledgebase and ability... Learn More

  2. RoboDiCaprio


    (5 ratings)

    Rs 1,299,990.00

    India's 1st Mobile Exhibition Robot, Greeting the visitor, It can guide the visitor to different locations after you set the map, It can do product introduction, advertisement, important information, promotion ad for you, It can play audio, pictures, video when it is speaking, It can handle inquiries, reservations, business settlement such as hotel... Learn More

  3. RoboELF


    (17 ratings)

    Rs 700,000.00

    India's 1st humanoid robot, HD laser projector, HD touch screen, Animated waving arms, 360-degree wheels, Unlimited movements, 3D Dynamic Perception, Q-Link mobile app system Learn More

  4. RoboNano


    (12 ratings)

    Rs 450,000.00

    Alexa enabled, full function humanoid robot, Smart IoT function, Remote video/audio call, Home service robot, Remote monitoring. Comes with an advanced voice interaction system, high quality speakers, and traffic communication functions, making RoboNano the next member of the family.  Learn More

  5. Alpha Mini

    Alpha Mini

    (0 ratings)

    Rs 239,990.00

    Alpha Mini is an affectionate companion robot ready to befriend, entertain, teach, and communicate with kids in a wide variety of scenarios. The robot is highly portable, bringing fun interactions and a wealth of expressions and functionality, including voice interaction, 4G LTE connectivity, face recognition, illustrated book recognition, and object... Learn More

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