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  1. NAO V6

    NAO V6

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    Rs 1,100,000.00

    25 degrees of freedom: for movement, Two cameras: to see its surroundings, An inertial measurement unit: which lets the robot detect if it is upright or sitting down, Touch sensors: to detect your touch, Four directional microphones: so NAO can hear you , Connectivity through Bluetooth, WiFI and Ethernet provides NAO with a huge knowledgebase and ability... Learn More

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    PadBot P1

    PadBot P1

    (10 ratings)

    Rs 79,990.00

    Rs 69,990.00

    India's 1st Telepresence Robot, Stretchable Fixture Supports 7 inch to 10 inch Tablet, Real-time Video Chat, Remote Control, Auto Answering, Auto-charging Support, Screen Integrated with the Head. Learn More

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