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  1. Mecanum Wheel Kit

    Mecanum Wheel Kit

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    Rs 87,990.00

    Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit is a type of mobile chassis robot based on Makeblock open source hardware. The chassis of this kit consists of mecanum wheel, encoder motor driver, mechanical structure and other electronic modules (e.g. main controller). This robot kit is for projects that move in narrow space or projects that need to move in all directions. Learn More

  2. MiddleSchool Education Kit
  3. mGiraffe 3D Printer

    mGiraffe 3D Printer

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    Rs 65,990.00

    mGiraffe is a new type of delta 3D printer DIY kit based on Makeblock platform. Consisting of an open hexagon linkage structure and powerful electronic control system, mGiraffe is devoted to bring you extraordinary 3D printing experience. Learn More

  4. mElephant 3D Printer

    mElephant 3D Printer

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    Rs 65,990.00

    Both accuracy and precision matter in 3D Printing. mElephant has the timing belt drive and lead-screw drive in the same time, it provides high-accuracy with XY resolution as 0.1mm, and layer resolution as 0.1-0.3mm, which means it can produce exactly the 3D printing you design. Learn More

  5. Ultimate2 10in1 Kit

    Ultimate2 10in1 Kit

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    Rs 43,990.00

    Ultimate 2.0 is a flagship robot kit based on Makeblock platform with rich features and strong compatibility. Whether you are an enthusiast of Raspberry Pi or Arduino, a mechanical or electronics engineer, a teacher, or a student, it helps you learn the knowledge of mechanical structures, electronic modules and programming skill with ease Learn More

  6. Ultimate Robot Kit

    Ultimate Robot Kit

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    Rs 39,990.00

    Ultimate Robot Kit-Blue (No Electronics) Makeblock Ultimate Kits covers the functions of Makeblock Starter Kit and Makeblock Advanced Kit. Adding more beams and other mechanical parts. Sliders and V-Slot bearing can be used to build flexible linear motion mechanism, Makeblock high torque digital servo included, can be used to build 2-DOF robot arm. Learn More

  7. XYPlotter Robot Kit

    XYPlotter Robot Kit

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    Rs 32,990.00

    XY Plotter Robot Kit is a drawing robot that can move a pen or other instrument to draw digital artwork on flat surface. It can also be developed into a laser engraver by adding the Laser Engraver Upgrade Pack. Learn More

  8. Advanced Robot Kit

    Advanced Robot Kit

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    Rs 25,990.00

    Advanced Robot Kit-Blue (No Electronics) This kit can be used to build a moving platform, wheeled robot or tracked robot, different wheel configuration and track configuration are avaliable. Learn More

  9. Music Robot Kit V2.0

    Music Robot Kit V2.0

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    Rs 21,990.00

    Music Robot Kit V2.0 (With Electronics) The music robot kit uses an ultrasonic module to detect the position of gestures, then the stepper motor will be drove to move Xylophone's hammer. When the hammer moves to the right bar, robot will control electromagnet to hit the bar. Users can also control the music robot through upper computer, or play your own... Learn More

  10. mBotRanger Transformable

    mBotRanger Transformable

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    Rs 20,990.00

    mBot Ranger Robot Kit is a three-in-one STEM educational robot kit which supports 3 building forms: robot tank, three-wheeled racing car, and a self-balance car. Program & Control mBot Ranger via iPad, tablets, or laptop to start your exploration! Learn More

  11. mBot V1.1-Blue

    mBot V1.1-Blue

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    Rs 10,990.00

    mBot ( Bluetooth Version) is an all-in-one solution to enjoy the hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics. Working with mBlock inspired by Scratch 2.0, connecting with computers or smart devices via Bluetooth or 2.4G (by different version), this easy-to-assemble mBot provides infinite possibilities for you to learn STEM (Science,... Learn More

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