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  1. Wire RoboNicklaus

    Wire RoboNicklaus

    (4 ratings)

    Rs 2,000.00

    The Milagrow Lawn Robots Robo Nicklaus 2.0, Robo Tiger2.0 & Robo Tiger1.0  immediately knows where it should mow. You receive the 100-m-long Boundary Wire with your purchase of the Robotic Lawnmower for larger areas. Available for Robot Nickalus & Robo Tiger Learn More

  2. Pegs RoboNicklaus

    Pegs RoboNicklaus

    (4 ratings)

    Rs 1,800.00

    Milagrow Lawn robots  Fabric Pegs set of (100-Pack) anchors weed control fabrics securely to the soil to ensure fabric stays in place. Used to fix the virtual wire to the ground around the awn perimeter and around obstacles. The 3.5-in.(8.5cm) long pegs are a non-corrosive, serrated, green plastic.Simply press into fabric and soil to secure Durable... Learn More

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