Pool Robot Accessories

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Pool Robot Accessories

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  1. Caddy RoboPhelps

    Caddy RoboPhelps

    (5 ratings)

    Rs 19,990.00

    Large handle and wheels make it easy to move the robot from pool deck to storage location. Convenient design holds Milagrow RoboPhelps the floating power cord and power supply in one place. Learn More

  2. Dustbin RoboPhelps

    Dustbin RoboPhelps

    (4 ratings)

    Rs 3,690.00

    Usable for Milagrow RoboPhelps. Manufacturer Original. Replacement Filter Bag.Learn More

  3. Remote RoboPhelps

    Remote RoboPhelps

    (3 ratings)

    Rs 3,290.00

    4 Way Directions, Repeat Cleaning, 3 Timer Settings, On/Off, LED Learn More

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