HealthCare Cleaning – height 10.1-11 cm – Invisible Boundary Wall Available

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  1. Ecovacs 3D DeeBot 77

    Ecovacs 3D DeeBot 77

    (19 ratings)

    Rs 56,990.00

    3 Dimensional Cleaning, Automatic Dust Emptying , Robotic Scheduling, Robotic Charging, 0.7L +1.4 L Dust Bin capacity, Anti-bacterial body, Anti Bacteria Filter, Robotic Obstacle Detection, Robotic Fall Detection, 4 Cleaning Modes, Dual Side Brushes, All Surface Cleaning , Pet Hair Cleaning, Robotic Virtual Wall Detection, Powerful Suction, Interactive... Learn More

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    Spaze Dry

    Spaze Dry

    (0 ratings)

    Rs 39,990.00

    Rs 23,990.00

    World's Largest Dust Bin a floor cleaning robot - 1 litre. World's Largest 3D UV Germicidal Lamp in a floor robot kills germs on the floor, in the air which passes through and in the dustbin, India's Largest HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all particulate matter, World's Widest Anti-Slip Tyres  Learn More

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