HealthCare Cleaning – Cleaning & Purifying Pet Hair Removal – height 10.1-11 cm

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  1. RedHawk 2.0

    RedHawk 2.0

    (18 ratings)

    Rs 26,990.00

    India's No. 1 Selling Domestic Robot, Generation 2.0 Software, Robotic 6th Sense, Extra Dirt Sensors,Most Powerful Suction and Robotic Suction Power Control, Robotic Charging, Robotic UV Cleaning, World's Largest 1L Dust Bin Capacity, Robotic Obstacle Detection, Robotic Fall Detection, 6 AI Cleaning Modes, All Surface Cleaning , Robotic Virtual Wall... Learn More

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    Spaze Dry

    Spaze Dry

    (0 ratings)

    Rs 39,990.00

    Rs 23,990.00

    World's Largest Dust Bin a floor cleaning robot - 1 litre. World's Largest 3D UV Germicidal Lamp in a floor robot kills germs on the floor, in the air which passes through and in the dustbin, India's Largest HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all particulate matter, World's Widest Anti-Slip Tyres  Learn More

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