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Solar Pool Ionizer Robot

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Floating Cleaner and Purifier with Copper Anode, Keeps Water Crystal Clear and Free of Algae, Chlorine Free and Eco-Friendly, Reduce Chlorine by 85% to 90%, Covers up to 35,000 gallon pools, Removes unwanted mineral such as calcium in the pool water, Works in all pools and Spas, Chlorinated or Salt Water, Above-Ground, or In-Ground Up to 35,000 Gallons

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Rs 29,990.00

Types of Pools
Above Ground or In Ground Above Ground and In-ground Residential and Commercial Pools
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  • Solar Ionizer - 1
  • Pool & Spa Test Strips 30N-1N
  • Anode Cleaning Brush - 1
  • Copper Anode - Installed
  • User Manual

This solar pool ionizer protects against microorganisms by transforming your water into biologically healthy and algae - resistant mineral water. Using a safe and effective low power output, the solar pool ionizer acts as a trickle charger to generate ions from the sunlight. Works great in non-salt water pool systems! The sacrificial anode is designed to slowly erode way, and in the process will form buildup which will require occasional cleaning. Don’t let it scare you when you see the buildup on the anode. It’s supposed to do that!

One solar pool ionizer per 35,000 gallons or less. It will keep your pool free from algae. You need to put 2 or more if your pool over 35,000 gallons.

Recommend using a small (2 to 3 parts per million) of sanitizer to keep your pool microbe-free. You may still use small quantities of chlorine, bromine, or a non-chlorine sanitizer. It’s the large expensive quantities of chlorine that you no longer need to keep your pool crystal clear.

You will need to clean the copper anode every week or 2 in hot weathers, otherwise buildup may occur in the basket preventing the mineral being released in the water properly. Also, this may cause a tear in the basket.

Flip the unit over onto a soft surface such as grass( you may want to have a trash bag underneath the unit) and gently remove the nylon screw and basket from the anode. Remove the anode from the unit and give it a little scrub with the wire brush provided. HINT: Easier to clean when wet. when dry, dusty residue can be irritating.
NO, a metal screw will interfere with the ionization process and will “fuse” into the copper. It must be non-metallic.
Algae may occur in shaded pots(such as black algae on your plaster pool surface), most likely near the steps or the deep end of the pool, this is because of how your water is filtered and you will need to spot treat the algae with powdered chlorine. Let the spots disappear while you continue using your solar pool ionizer.
Run your filter a little longer than normal for your pool and add a little extra chlorine if necessary. PLEASE NOTE: Algaecides, conditioners, clarifies,etc.are unnecessary. Higher chlorine levels may be required with an increase in water temperature, increased swimmer load, rainfall, or new water added. If using liquid chlorine, add at or after sundown because the sun’s rays quickly neutralize chlorine. The recommended levels are not absolute and may vary with changing water conditions. What works best for your pool is determined by experience. Allow your water to seek its own balance. Do not arbitrarily alter the PH, apply large doses of chlorine, add algaecide,and conditioners, or try to change perfectly clear water.
Of course not,it is not necessary. The solar pool ionizer is allowed to float every day in the first week, with the objective to obtain the concentration of ions,and then a couple days to maintain the appropriate level of ions.Test strips will tell you when can remove the unit. If excess 0.9 ppm, take it out from the pool, or water will turn cloudy . And put it back to the pool when less than 0.4 ppm.(test strips included in units) If the pool is large,or if due to the weather conditions,it was required to addition of water because of evaporation,it is necessary to keep the ionizer in the water permanently. Swimming with the solar ionizer is perfectly safe and normal.
If the panel on the unit does not get direct sunlight it will not work properly. You can gently tether the unit to an area in the pool where the cover is lifted or cut a small hole in the cover for the unit to be placed in the pool.
If you have had a large amount of heavy rain or several overcast days, this may have caused the water to become imbalanced because the unit had no sunlight to be able to ionize properly. Simply shock your pool, run your filter a little longer than you normally and let your water balance itself. If you add too many chemicals this may make the situation worse. If you have had plenty of sun and the anode is not scaling, please contact customer support. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE CORRECT NUMBER OF UNITS FOR YOUR SIZE POOL. ONE UNIT IS GOOD FOR UP TO 35,000 GALLONS WATER, YOU WILL NEED TWO OR MORE DEPENDING ON YOUR POOL SIZE.
The PH range may now expended from 7.2-7.8. The solar pool ionizer works well at higher PH values, so do not arbitrarily attempt to adjust the PH if it is within the recommended range. Keep in mind that the general idea is to use your solar pool ionizer just enough to maintain an adequate ion level, and to determine how little chlorine is necessary to keep the water clear. Allow the water to settle down and seek its own balanced condition.
Jose C

A must for any pool

After using the solar pool ionizer the water turned crystal clear. After maintaining my home pool last many years, it's finally the product that I've been looking for.
- No chlorine
- No algae
Water is fresh and free of chlorine and other stuff! I recommend this for anyone, it will reduce a lot the maintenance based on chemicals.

    Krunal R

    Great product and company

    Great product and an amazing company to buy from. the robot reduced the amount of chlorine and keep the pool clean.

      Venkatachalam N

      Safe way to keep pools clean

      Received my new new pool ionizer this week and placed it in my pool today. It cleaned well my 35000 gallon water pool. After 2 weeks, the product is amazing. No new algae. It reduces my chlorine by 80%. Highly recommend it!

        Meenakshi D

        Best solar pool ionizer

        I have always had problems with green algae and was constantly spending money on liquid algaecide that never worked. Then i purchased Milagrow solar pool ionizer, Within a few days of use, the algae went away and hasn't been back. so I keep it in constantly. Also, I clean it every week.

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          Floating Cleaner and Purifier with Copper Anode, Keeps Water Crystal Clear and Free of Algae, Chlorine Free and Eco-Friendly, Reduce Chlorine by 85% to 90%, Covers up to 35,000 gallon pools, Removes unwanted mineral such as calcium in the pool water, Works in all pools and Spas, Chlorinated or Salt Water, Above-Ground, or In-Ground Up to 35,000 Gallons

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          • The AguaSolarion Solar Pool Ionizer uses the anti-microbial powers of copper ions to clean your pool without the use of harmful chemicals or expensive filters.
          • The AguaSolarion Solar Pool Ionizer cuts chlorine usage by up to 85% to 90% by combining the power of the sun and an underwater ion-dispersing anode. Solar energy striking the top mounted solar cells causes electricity to flow to the copper electrode, releasing ions into the pool water.
          • AguaSolarion Solar Pool Ionizer covers up to 35,000 gallon litre approx or less. It will keep your pool free from algae. You need put 2 or more if your pool over 35,000 gallon.
          • Simply drop in your pool and it goes to work killing algae, bacteria, and fungi. Works in fresh and salt water pools, spas, jacuzzis, and hot tubs.
          • Work in all pools and spas, chlorinated or salt water, above-ground, or in-ground up to 35,000 gallons.
          • Reduce eye and skin irritation caused by chlorine and other chemicals - No more burning eyes or harsh chemical smell.
          • Environmentally friendly solar panels. No batteries & maintenance needed.
          • Diameter of solar ionizer: 24cm
          • Thickness of solar ionizer main body: 5.5cm
          • Length of copper: 100mm
          • Weight of copper: 426g
          • Power: 2W 6V
          • Work capacity: 35000 gallons water

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