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Cute but Effective Body Massager

Wheeme is a very cute, handy but a very effective body massager, it is very easy to use and the great thing about the product is that it does not require too much of intervention. Once it is placed on a flat surface (back), it goes about doing its job very professionally and gives one a very soothing and relaxing body massage.

    rudra.atanu81 r

    A Great Product

    At first I thought it was a toy but my wife said that she wanted to use it. I am glad that we did not return it. After about 2 months of usage the problem of her lower back is completely gone. The wheeme from Milagrow accomplished what no masseur or physiotherapist could do for my wife.


      Body Massage Robot

      I never imagined that a Robot could be invented to massage a body and remove back pain. I was very tentative when I bought it. I thought that if it does not suit me, I will return it. Now after almost 3 months of regular usage, my lower back pain is gone. This Milagrow robot moves on my back noiselessly. Caresses and massages in various modes. Improves my nerve sensations, I feel as if more blood rushes into my body where the robot improves. My muscles relax and I feel rejuvenated. It requires no oil and no hard handling from a masseur. Thank you Milagrow..

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      KG N

      Good product

      I bought the wheeme after using the RoboCop of Milagrow. I am very satisfied. The product has benefitted me in my lower backache after a regular use of over one month. Its a very good product with no risk of any damage to the back muscles or bones.

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