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mrsudip.maiti2017 m

Awesome stuff! Goodbye to the everyday nagging of maids

Highly recommended, No more tantrums of Bai's!
I have bought this product on 15 March 2017 and since then I am simply loving it.
No more "Bai's" tantrums and excuses for not cleaning below furniture and corners.
No monitoring required at all. Robot works well in both Auto and manual mode.

    Grade k

    This little robot does a great job cleaning our multiple rooms

    Love the product. We have been using it daily on the main level of our home. It is a combination of hardwood, tile and carpet, approx 1800 sq feet. This vacuum has changed my life. The cleaner is wonderful getting up of dog and cat hair and goes under end tables.

    One of my best purchases. Does a wonderful job and now I can vacuum anytime without any problem.

      rajesh r

      Easy to use, lightweight with great features

      After reading the good reviews, I decided to one. I love this thing! Really good product that will be useful in keeping dust levels down in our house. Well engineered, gets out of jams nearly all of the time, cleans in places we couldn't even imagine. Goes from hardwood to tile to carpet across carpet tassels and lamp cords all without issue. I was shocked when It pick up all the dog hair and works around the furniture, then itself back to the charging station. Now I'm thinking of gifting one these to my sister.
      - Cleans the floor very well
      - Can be autoscheduled to start at a certain time
      - Also works through remote controls in case it is getting stuck
      - Cleans corners also
      - Service is very prompt
      - Home demo is available

        Bhupinder S

        Very successful purchase

        I bought this as a Women’s Day gift for my wife. When she opened it and saw the box she excitedly asked what was in the box. I read the instructions and set it up with the virtual wall. It goes from carpets to hardwood floors, tile floors and area carpets without getting stuck. It automatically returns to its charging docking station after cleaning all the areas. We are very impressed with its cleaning.

          thanawalasamir t

          Great device for daily cleaning

          I have two pets and teens, in my house, so it's dirty all the time! I cannot vaccum everyday, so I thought this Blackcat might be able to help. It does a great job, especially considering it's size. It gets under furniture, along edges, and into areas I rarely (if even) vacuum. It comes with virtual walls that allow me to keep it working in one open area until I am satisfied with the result. Running it everyday for a couple hours helps a lot. I really like the scheduling feature.