3D Cleaning

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    Ecovacs 3D DeeBot 77

    Ecovacs 3D DeeBot 77

    (15 ratings)

    Rs 54,990.00

    Rs 27,495.00

    3 Dimensional Cleaning, Automatic Dust Emptying , Robotic Scheduling, Robotic Charging, 0.7L +1.4 L Dust Bin capacity, Anti-bacterial body, Anti Bacteria Filter, Robotic Obstacle Detection, Robotic Fall Detection, 4 Cleaning Modes, Dual Side Brushes, All Surface Cleaning , Pet Hair Cleaning, Robotic Virtual Wall Detection, Powerful Suction, Interactive... Learn More

  2. Ecovacs 3D DeeBot 79

    Ecovacs 3D DeeBot 79

    (6 ratings)

    Rs 56,990.00

    Rs 34,194.00

    World's 1st  Floor Cleaning Robot with 3 Dimensional Cleaning with Floor Robot & Normal Vaccum Cleaner rolled into one, World's 1st Automatic Dust Emptying, Maximum Cleaning Area of 2000 Sq Ft, Robotic Scheduling, Robotic Charging, Obstacle & Fall Detection, 4 Cleaning Modes, Pet Hair Cleaning, Powerful Suction,Remote Control, 3000 mAh battery, 1 Yr Warranty Learn More

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